Oral health is significantly determined by the condition of the gum tissue. The most common gum diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis, which, if untreated, develops in periodontal disease and can lead to tooth loss.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum tissue caused by inadequate oral hygiene and the development of bacteria. The main symptoms of gingivitis are redness, swelling of the gums, dental plaque is also possible. The most common is chronic form of gingivitis, which is almost asymptomatic and can manifest as bleeding gums during daily cleaning.

If you notice redness, swelling of the gums or you are worried about a constant bad breath, this is an occasion to immediately contact a specialist to prevent the development of dangerous symptoms in another dangerous disease - periodontitis.

With periodontitis, unlike gingivitis, there is a violation of the integrity of the periodontal structures that hold the tooth. The so-called periodontal pockets appear, depending on the depth of which the severity of periodontitis is determined.

The sooner the patient consults to the specialist periodontist, the more successful the treatment result is. In case of advanced untreated periodontitis, a complex and expensive treatment with restoration of the bone tissue destroyed by the disease is needed. To avoid this, you must constantly maintain proper oral hygiene and regularly visit the dentist for a routine examination.

In Dental Son Sardina Clinic we carry out the diagnosis and treatment of any problems and diseases of the gums and prescribe effective therapy that is strictly appropriate to the disease and its stage. We use conservative therapy, as well as treatment with the ultra-modern medical laser. This technology has a unique bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect in the treatment of gums and allows to restore their healthy condition in the shortest possible time.

The laser provides a painless effect on damaged gum tissue, which guarantees maximum patient comfort and shortens the recovery period.

Entrust the health of your gums to the specialists of Dental Clinic Son Sardina, and we will help you keep your smile for years to come!

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