General or preventive dentistry is dedicated to the conservative treatment of our teeth, that is, the mouth is treated avoiding the removal of the damaged tooth as much as possible.

Restorative Dentistry

Dental treatment
Caries treatment
Pulpitis treatment
Periodontitis treatment

In conservative dentistry, fissure sealing, filling and endodontic treatments are carried out with the aim of restoring the destroyed dental tissues, returning functionality to the tooth and improving its aesthetics.

Just as important as preventing cavities, it is dealing with pulpitis or periodontitis, infections that affect the good health of our mouth.

Pulpitis is an inflammatory disease of the pulp of the tooth caused by various causes and, if not treated in time, can become irreversible.

Periodontitis is an inflammation and infection that attacks the supports of our teeth and that can trigger a serious and equal, irreversible injury.

In order to prevent these infections, the ideal is to go to regular checkups so that we can help keep your teeth healthy and in perfect condition, thus minimizing the most expensive treatments that could occur due to complications in the teeth. Consult us for the general dentistry treatment in Mallorca by calling +34 971 438 673

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