Endodontics is a branch of modern dentistry specializing in tooth root canal restoration.

This is a complex high-tech specialty that today allows preserve teeth for patients, who until recently were only subject to extraction with posterior prostheses.

Due to various factors (reduced immunity, untreated caries, periodontal disease or insufficiently qualified treatment), the root canals can be damaged. They suffer from shavings and microcracks, which may result in the development of infection, inflammation, accumulation of pus under the root of the tooth. One cannot start any dental procedure (restoration, prosthesis or bridge installation) without having solved this problem first. The condition of the root canal completely determines the state of health of the tooth as an organ and the ability to save it.

Why is the dentist’s qualification crucial in the treatment of root canal? The fact is that teeth with multiple roots can have more than three channels, and often the fourth or fifth channel cannot be detected without specialized equipment. Only a specialist in endodontics can reliably determine the number of canals to be treated. Hidden channels that are not diagnosed in time cause high risk of a repeated inflammatory process, which may eventually lead to the need of tooth extraction.

In Dental Clinic Son Sardina, we use only specialized endodontic equipment for root canal treatment. A surgical microscope allows us to visualize the root system with all branches, and perform manipulations precisely in millimeters. The rotor filling system that we use, unlike the manual, provides the most complete antibacterial treatment of a canal, and the use of gutta-percha heating guarantees a high-tightness canal filling with an accuracy that is not possible with conventional material.

In many cases, we use a medical laser, which guarantees the unbeatable antibacterial treatment of the most complicated canal.

In Son Sardina Dental Clinic, we also carry out a re-endodontological treatment and successfully eliminate insufficiently qualified manipulation defects, such as undiagnosed hidden canals treatment or correction of insufficient quality treatment.

Our professional qualification, as well as the high-quality specialized equipment, provide our patients with maximum comfort during the procedure, reduce manipulation time and guarantee successful treatment results!

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