Today having a free, bright and beautiful smile is what characterizes a successful person. Having well-cared for teeth has not only stopped being a purely aesthetic and social issue, it is proven to have an impact on the rest of our general health.

The denture is an organ equally important as any other of the human body, and is part of the complete system of functioning of the organism. Problems in the oral area without treatment, generate consequences for other systems such as the cardiovascular system, digestive system, the immune system and the musculoskeletal system. At Dental Clinic Son Sardina we stick to the principles of advanced dentistry, which considers oral treatment as one of the obligatory parts to protect, if one wants to stay healthy and active for many years of his life.

A beautiful smile is like a magnet, it attracts all the attention and generates a positive impression. It's a key detail of the look, it tells others about one, much more than modern clothes or hair style...

At Dental Clinic Son Sardina we know all the professional secrets of beautiful smiles!

While we live a boom in the dental market, each clinic offers some advantages for patients, and they are assailed by doubts about which clinic or center to choose.

"But more than wondering which clinic to choose, you have to ask yourself better what you are looking for with your treatment."

Some people will seek dental treatment without pain, others will look at the quality of the materials, technologies and services of the clinic.

It is possible to have everything in the same clinic.

The Dental Clinic of the Dr. Svetlana Fotina has all the qualities and services that a patient seeks for a perfect result and the treatment of confidence and without stress:

  • Quality in the service
  • Friendly and responsible treatment in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Premium materials
  • Facilities with the latest technology
  • Perfectly trained professionals with extensive experience who update and train constantly.

Whatever your need, at Dental Clinic Son Sardina, we will assist you in a personalized way in any treatment you need:

  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Conservative treatments
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetics
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry

The treatment for caries is done with totally aesthetic materials, so that nobody will notice. In the case of needing prostheses, they are more natural, resistant and of great quality.

Our specialists are aware of the needs of their patients, knowing what they need and what they can offer them. This makes the treatment at Dental Clinic Son Sardina unique and special.

"We return the happiness of smiling free!"

Smile to life, and life will smile!

Dental Clinic Son Sardina offers dental treatments with a high international level that meets the strictest standards: whitening, prosthesis, metal-ceramic, implantation , treatment of gums and other services in the area of dental treatment, prosthetics, surgical stomatology and aesthetics.

One of the most common dental problems is tooth decay. The treatment of caries in our center is carried out using the most modern equipment and materials that guarantee a high quality of service and a painless procedure. The earlier the problem is detected and the more treatment is given, the more likely you are to preserve the tooth.

For the dental treatment of our patients we use the dental fillings of the newest composite materials. They have a high degree of resistance and are almost not noticed in the teeth, which is an important factor when you want to make a dental aesthetic restoration.

One of the modern examples of reconstruction of the external dental structure is the use of veneers. A thin and very resistant porcelain plates will give the smile a wonderful shine.

Another common oral problem is periodontitis. This disease is the main cause of loss of healthy teeth by adult patients. If you are concerned about bleeding gums and an unpleasant mouth odor, you need to visit the dentist. Modern treatment methods can quickly and effectively eliminate the cause of the disease, as well as its symptoms.

Dental clinic Son Sardina offers services in the orthodontic area.

Our highly qualified specialists can find individual ways of correcting tooth location and bite correction for each patient. We have a wide selection of systems and devices to correct the bite, including different types of braces. For patients who need dentures to recover lost teeth, we offer them the newest materials and methods of metal-ceramics.

In the modern world there are new methods and possibility of making dental prostheses, integrating the newest methods of implantation and surgical stomatology. Our clinic offers our patients the possibility of recovering the integrity of their dentition even when natural teeth have been completely lost.

The specialists at our clinic will help you solve any dental health problem.

"A beautiful smile is the way to success!"
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